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  • Learning Sections of the Victorian Montessori Preschool, Kolkata are spaces to facilitate fun learning and effective understanding that lead to all-round development of a child

    • The Vic Learning Lab: Children gain knowledge, and gather new experiences which, along with the help of exclusive Victorian Montessori learning kits, foster in young minds an interest in and love for learning. Tasks designed in the form of colourful and engaging games assist and improve children’s concentration and understanding, and thus effectively inculcates in them learning skills.


    • Vic Creative: Children develop their aptitude in art and craft, use their imagination to hone and express the creative world that resides in each of them. Playing with different materials, drawing shapes, cutting patterns, handling various colours and textures, and assembling and disassembling parts of objects – all of these put sensory abilities to work and provides self-expression and communication.

    • Vic Rhythmos: Children engage in musical activities of dancing and singing, which inculcates in them language and performance skills. Through movement, a child acquires strength, coordination and a sense of space, and builds physical control over it. Communication promotes bonding and such activities spread positivity in the mind of a child.

    • Vic Auditoria: Children enhance their acting abilities, in the form of action and reaction exercises amongst themselves, which stimulates their imagination and creativity, and fosters their confidence and public-speaking abilities. Drama involves dialogue, communication, negotiation, and last but not the least, teamwork, all of which improves social skills of a child. It develops a deeper understanding of human psyche and behavior, and creates an empathy with situations that might otherwise seem distant.

    • Vic Etiquette: Children are exposed to Real-Life Play situations, through which they learn how to conduct themselves with basic courtesies and manners.

    • Vic Puppetry: Imagination makes children move beyond the bounds of reality – a stick becomes a magic wand, a sock turns into a puppet and themselves into superheroes. Puppets are not just fascinating toys for children, they also connect to them as friends. Puppet plays bring stories to life, which draw the children’s attention and aid in their development. They imbibe social norms, learn morals and ethics, and inculcate good habits; and enhance their vocabulary and improve listening and communication skills.


    • Vic Tech Space: Children interact with present-day technology, and are effectively groomed with the help of latest audio-visual tools.

    • Vic Gym: Children actively participate in physical exercises for growth and strength. They use equipment exclusively designed for kids like trampoline, double twister, power rider, stepper, fitness cycle, and punching bag. They also practice yoga for flexibility, balance and concentration.

    • Vic Fine Dine: Children gather for relaxing meals, imbibe table manners, and learn sharing habits and effective nutritional practices for a healthy life.

    Vic Play Area: Children play around with their peers, and enjoy activities like small and safe rides in swings, slides, climbers, see-saws, merry-go-rounds, rockers and mini-wheels for entertainment. They also learn the spirit of fair play and gain the opportunity to socialize with each other. Regular physical activities result in children being healthier, both emotionally and physically.

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