Victorian Philosophy

The philosophy of the Victorian Montessori Preschool lies in providing children, in their early years of personal and academic foundation, the optimal settings and tools for fostering their inherent and acquired abilities.

We provide a nurturing and secure environment that infuses positivity of learning among the children. Our qualified teachers also come across as caring adults, and a low child-to-teacher ratio ensures individual attention. This makes the children more responsive during the preschool activities and more receptive to the knowledge they imbibe.

Our curriculum is designed not for the mere assimilation of knowledge; rather it focuses strongly on the development of their intellectual, social, cognitive and physical abilities through age-appropriate education. State-of-the-art learning spaces and apparatuses assist in their progressive growth. We encourage independence of thought and freedom of growth of young minds.

The Victorian Montessori Preschool takes pride in being different from other educational institutions while tending to each child. Our distinctive approach favours personalized attention, assessment and guidance on an individual level. We also aspire to educate and enrich children in a wholesome manner, so that they prosper in their future endeavours in life with skill and confidence.

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