​​Victorian Montessori Education

The philosophical foundation of the Victorian Montessori is based on the premise that education should be an aid to life and a medium to improve its quality. Every child is born with the innate ability to learn and grow physically, intellectually and spiritually. But to attain these to the fullest, a child must be guided through the path of order and self-discipline. Self-motivation is one of the key impulses that triggers the drive; and in a safe and a nurturing environment, the child can aim to progress towards personal and academic development. Respect for a child’s personality and trust in their individual capabilities are prerequisites to the foundation of an adequate educational alliance, between parent and teacher, parent and child and between teacher and student.

We, at Victorian Montessori, assist each child to realise their own potential, by creating a learning environment where the child can also grow independent in thought and action. We pay special attention to each child, their individual patterns of concentration and focus in early childhood to produce a confident, competent learner in later years. We guide children by instilling in them a keen sense of observation, independent ability of thought, judgement and action that conditions them for upcoming stages of life. Montessori education concerns itself with shaping the child in maintaining a balance of responsibility with freedom of choice, and by providing an environment, especially suited for all-round development of the child – social, cultural, physiological, psychological and intellectual.

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