Children are born with a natural affinity towards learning. Right from birth, the human intellect discovers and processes new information and adapts accordingly. Additionally, there are spaces and places dedicated for children to learn and play, in various ways: by themselves, in pairs, in small groups, in large groups, indoors, outdoors, at tables, on the floor. All items and tools in such environments are scaled to the child’s size for convenience and safety, including furniture, learning kits, and playing equipment. Bright and attractive colours, eco-friendly materials, fascinating cultural and cross-cultural objects, and appealing pictures on the walls – all of these engross children and offer them complex sensory and intellectual experiences. Hence, when children first enter a Montessori preschool, there is an immediate connection when they realize that this is their comfort zone. The Victorian Montessori Preschool provides such a nurturing environment where young minds love to learn and grow.

The teacher in a classroom is not the focal point. Rather the teacher is more of a guide and facilitator tending to the children collectively, but most importantly, individually, depending on their varied levels of capabilities. Hands-on learning engages the children and effectively educates them about basic concepts of letters, numbers, colours and shapes. Learning is brought to life as children resort to the senses of sight, touch, smell, sound, and even taste. Moreover, a classroom of children is like one community together where they are taught how to regulate their own social interactions. Through fun role-playing activities and appropriate modelling, the teacher demonstrates the best way to act confidently and pro-socially, thus conditioning them for later years.

 The Victorian Montessori Preschool acknowledges and lays special emphasis on the learning pattern of children in their early years of personal and academic foundation. Hence, children are exposed to a multitude of attention-grabbing activities in order to find link to their areas of interest. Additionally, this grants them independence of thought and decision-making. Outdoor experiences are also important for children to help them stay connected with nature. In keeping with the philosophy of the MONTESSORI method, the Victorian Montessori Preschool assists children in their path to achieving an all-round development and aiming for excellence.

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