Victorian Curriculum

The curriculum of the Victorian Montessori Preschool is primarily laid on the foundation of the MONTESSORI method which is a child-centered scientific course towards age-appropriate learning. A comprehensive educational approach using the EYFS (Early Years Foundation Stage)framework including STEAM, has been conceived. It emphasizes on the basics of the following subjects, as compatible to young minds, and the application of the same in the form of fun activities:

● Science
● Technology
● Engineering
● Arts
● Mathematics

EYFS concerns with the learning, development and welfare of children in accordance to set standards. The 7 areas of development under EYFS are:
• Communication and Languages
• Literacy Development
• Physical Development
• Personal, Social and Emotional Development
• Mathematical Development
• Expressive Arts and Designs
• Understanding the World

The 4 guiding principles of EYFS while implementing the 7 areas of development are as follows:
• Every child is unique.
• Every child can learn to be strong and independent through positive relationships.
• Children learn and develop best in enabling environments.
• Children develop and learn in different ways and at different rates.

The framework is designed to be engaging and entertaining for children, so that they learn while they play. The aspects of this framework are based on the pillars of qualities of VIC, which are as follows:

● Vision : to provide the Roots of Learning
A child is born with an innate tendency to learn. Education, from an early age, plays a significant role in developing the child’s personality and intellect, instilling self-confidence and a sense of right and wrong. It forms the roots of learning that help identify the talents in each child, and hones their skills in their respective pace. An aesthetically appealing environment of safety and comfort provides the perfect soil for these roots to grow. At the Victorian Montessori Preschool, we envision children to learn to progressively apply the knowledge they imbibe, for an effective all-round development.

● Innovation : in spreading the Branches of Learning
The educational approach of the Victorian Montessori Preschool is based on the MONTESSORI method. However, a unique model known as STEAM (with special stress on fundamentals of Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, Mathematics) has been devised and is practised, in keeping with EYFS (Early Years Foundation Stage) for nurturing the young minds on their quest for knowledge. Dedicated learning spaces with advanced tools trigger the curiosity of the children and the method of hands-on learning inculcates in them interest for knowing and doing more. Children are also guided with social lessons and moral values, thus leading them to an enlightened path of growth.

● Cognition : of The Fruits of Learning
In the Victorian Montessori Preschool, there is no competitiveness introduced. It is the congenial teaching methods and positive surroundings that act as stimuli for the children’s desire and drive to learn. Our schooling model helps ensure that children not just learn efficiently but also enjoy their tasks, perform better and strive to achieve more with time. Victorian learning kits are especially designed with the purpose of engaging the children in training their senses and tuning their skills. The multi-sensory experiences that they undergo, the varied interactions they participate in, the fresh information that they process – all contribute in forming their understanding of the world in and around them. Thus, in the spirit of true learning, we, at the Victorian Montessori Preschool, lay emphasis on and assist in the growth of the intellectual, cognitive, motivational and emotional dimensions of a child’s mind.

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